1715 Sheridan Road
P.O. Box 948
Escanaba, MI 49829
Fax: (906) 789-3796

City Engineer
Robert Becotte, PE
(906) 786-1842

Terry Flower
Assistant Engineer II
(906) 789-3795
E-Mail:  Terry Flower   

Wendy Taavola
Assistant Engineer II
(906) 786-3274
E-Mail: Wendy Taavola


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Information and Data:  
          ~City Statistics Information
          ~2015 Ludington Street Storm Sewer Assessment


Upcoming Projects: 

          Annual Citywide Street Repaving Projects - July 01st, 2018 to November 14th, 2018  LOCATION MAP

                    ~Repave 3rd Avenue North, Stephenson Avenue to North Lincoln Road 2018
                    MDOT will also be reconstructing and realigning the North Lincoln Road and 3rd Avenue North                                intersection along with this project.


       ♦   Excavation / Right-of-Way Construction Permit              

       ♦   Fence Permit & Engineering Call-Out Form

       ♦   Demolition Permit

       ♦   Sidewalk Permit (Under Excavation Permit above) 
                     Sidewalk Construction Specifications
                     Sidewalk Construction Detail
                     Note: The City of Escanaba utilizes the current MDOT Standard Detail R-28-J for                           all of its Sidewalk construction. Please follow this detail whenever possible. 

Engineering Department Responsibilities:

  • Design of Municipal Construction Projects
  • Construction Inspection
  • Construction Staking
  • Yearly Sidewalk Construction & Maintenance
  • Utility Record Keeping for: Water Mains, Sanitary Sewers and  Storm Sewers
  • Updating Paper and Electronic Maps of Utility Locations
  • Registered Deed and Easement Record Keeping
  • Respond to "MISS DIG" Call-outs
  • Implement and Maintain the City's Geographic Information System
  • Locating and Marking Property Corners using Existing Information (See note below)

Note: The City of Escanaba Engineering Department does not perform "Surveys". The Engineering Department Staff will attempt to locate and mark existing property corners upon request (free of charge) using information that is found in the vicinity. The Engineering Department Staff cannot verify that pins or survey information found in the ground are valid. The City of Escanaba assumes no responsibility for property corner markings, measurements or errors thereof. If you are need of a full legal survey, please contact a local survey company.


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