Superior Trade Zone

 The Superior Trade Zone is a multi-governmental partnership between units of government in Delta and Marquette Counties. The Superior Trade Zone provides in helping to establish and implement programs which encourages regional economic growth, development, investment, job creation and job retention.    There are eight (8) key roles of the Board:

A.  Educate the public about regional planning issues that will encourage economic development and investment, job creation and job retention, and ancillary growth.
B. Cooperate and coordinate with other units of government on matters that impact the region with respect to economic development activities and functions supportive of economic development activities within the designated Superior Trade Zone Territory.
C.  Prepare, adopt, and maintain design standards to be applied to property and developments, which receive economic development incentives under the program and relevant laws.
D.  Prepare, adopt, and maintain a Superior Trade Zone Master Design Plan for areas within the district of the Corporation.
E.   Review Superior Trade Zone partners community’s draft master plans when submitted for that purpose, and provide coordination of planning and zoning in other units of government when asked to do so.
F.  Review and comment on proposed public works projects for business development when part of a Superior Trade Zone Territory.
G.  Prepare and annually adopt an operating budget and capital improvement program.
H.   Prepare and review incentive plans.

Superior Trade Zone - Board of Directors
Bark River Township – Gregg Johnson, Supervisor   Forsyth Township – Joe Minelli, Supervisor
Chocolay Township – Gary Walker, Supervisor   Garden Township – Ray Young, Supervisor
City of Escanaba – Jim O'Toole   Ishpeming Township –James Nankervis, Supervisor
City of Gladstone –  Renee Barron   Maple Ridge Township – Judy Trudell, Supervisor
City of Marquette – Sarah Reynolds, Commissioner   Marquette County – Gerald Corkin, Chairman
Delta County – Patrick Johnson, Commissioner   Nahma Township – Warren Groleau, Supervisor
Ely Township –Carl Hosang, Supervisor   Richmond Township – Scott Mills, Supervisor
Ford River Township – Rachel Fountaine, Supervisor   Wells Township – Robert Therrian, Supervisor
Masonville Township - Peter Brock, Supervisor   Humboldt Township - Thomas Prophet, Supervisor
Negaunee Township - Bill Carlson, Supervisor    


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