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The City of Escanaba Recreation Plan is the sixth of a series of specific recreation plans for the City that has been continuously developed over
Chapter 1 Introduction
the last 25 years.  The City has developed and submitted approved five-year recreation plans in 1979, 1984, 1989, 1994, 1999, and 2007.  The
Chapter 2
Community Description
Recreation Plan is a completely revised and updated version intended to be used as a guide for park and recreation development through 2012.  Although this plan is designed to serve the City of Escanaba, residents
Chapter 3
Administrative Structure
from surrounding areas will undoubtedly use the facilities and opportunities that the City of Escanaba's Recreation Department provides.

Chapter 4 Planning
This Recreation Plan is designed to provide for the development of recreational activities, programs, and facilities within the City of
Chapter 5
Recreation Planning
Escanaba.  The plan should serve useful purposes.  It should serve as (1) a source of information, (2) a guide for correcting deficiencies, (3) an indicator of goals and policies, (4) a framework for making decisions,
Chapter 6
Goals & Policies
and (5) a means of stimulating public interest and participation in local community recreation progress.

Chapter 7
Recreation Deficiencies
Special recognition is in order to those who have created and formulated this plan.  A sincere appreciation needs to be given to the Recreation Advisory Board and the volunteer citizen committee, whose members
Chapter 8 Recreation
Development Schedule
have spent much time, thought, and deliberation on this plan.  Recognition is also in order to the City Engineer's Department and the Central Upper Peninsula Planning & Development (CUPPAD) Regional
Appendix A
Michigan Recreation
Opportunity Standards
Commission for their technical assistance and aid in gathering up-to-date community date and for formatting this document.

Appendix B
ADA Architectural Barriers
Act Accessibility
Appendix C
ADA Compliance Guidelines

Appendix D List of Maps
Map 1 Base Map
Map 2 Land Cover-Use
Map 3 Soil Cover

Map 4
Recreation Facilities

Appendix E
Public Input Information
Resolution of Adoption


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