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Power Plant Purchase - 2011Escanaba Generating Station

*This article currently serves as a historical record of information on the sale of the Escanaba Generating Station. When the current purchase has been finalized, information on the current status and sale of the plant will be updated. The following information is not to be taken as current.*

The City of Escanaba, Michigan is requesting proposals from parties interested in acquiring and operating electric generation facilities. The generation facilities offered for consideration consist of two 12.5 MW eastern coal-fired steam turbine/generators, a 15 MW oil-fired CT, attendant facilities and substation equipment. All equipment ratings listed are nominal.

Please find below the RFP along with stand alone copies of Appendices I & II, a copy of a pertinent consent order and the RFP response package.

Submitting a Notice of Intent to Bid is the first step of the process. This notice is due February 8, 2011.  Any questions can be directed to the City contact as directed in the RFP. We look forward to your response.

Escanaba Power Plant RFP - Jan 18, 2011

Appendix I
Apendix II
Escanaba Power Plant RFP Response Package - Jan 18, 2011
Consent Order

Escanaba Generator Operating Agreement RFP - Jan 12, 2011
Escanaba Generator Operating Agreement Response Package - Jan 12, 2011
Consent Order

Power Plant Information

Escanaba Energy Supply Project
Historical Findings and Documentation
Purchase Proposals

DTE - Plant Purchase Proposal
Presented 4/28/2009 to City Electric Advisory Committee

Presented 4/28/2009 to City Electric Advisory Committee
Presented 4/8/2009 to City Electric Advisory Committee

Supporting Information

Mike Furmanski, Escanaba Electric Department

Present and Future Power Supply Option
Presented February 11, 2009 to Electric Advisory Committee

Tom Butz, Power System Engineering
Escanaba Power Supply Evaluation Initial Results
Presented January 7, 2009 to Electric Advisory Committee

Town Hall Meeting
Discussion Points
Power Point Presentation
Presented August 13, 2008 to Electric Advisory Committee

2007-2008 Load Duration Curves

Escanaba Energy Supply Plan, Town Hall Meeting 01/30/08 Presentation

Energy Alternatives Information

Presentation - White Paper - Biomass Conversion, July 7, 2008

Presentation - Preliminary Wind Source Assessment, May 14, 2008

Presentation - Escanaba Energy Supply Plan Update, June 11, 2008

Presentation - White Paper Powder River Basin Conversion, June 11, 2008

Swedish Biomass Presentations

Brochure - Bioenergy for Municipalities Regions and Industry

Brochure - Bioenergy Smaland Expo Vaxjo

Integration of Wood Fuel Utilization in Forest Management Practice

Bioenergy Smaland - Business Development through Biomass in the Region of Smaland

A General Overview of Swedish Bioenergy Industry 

Customer Service Request
City of Escanaba - Employee Access