Due to the recent enactment of the new Michigan State Law, Public Act Number 222, all Michigan municipalities with a sanitary and/or storm water collection system are required to post the following message:

In order to be eligible to collect damages, any citizen having experienced an overflow or backup of the City owned sanitary sewer or storm water system, must file a written claim with the City of Escanaba.  The claim must be submitted within 45 days after the overflow or backup was discovered.  The claim should be mailed to Jeff Lampi, PO box 948, Escanaba, MI  49829: Phone number 906-786-1301.

Contact the Escanaba Wastewater Department at 1900 Willow Creek Road, Escanaba MI 49829; Phone Number 906-786-1301 immediately upon discovery of an overflow or backup. If no answer call Public Safety at 906-786-5911.

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