Community Master Plans and Development Guidelines


Development / Zoning Standards

Development Standards and Design Guidelines
Zoning Ordinance and Amendments
Sign Ordinance and Amendments
Property Maintenance Code
Fence and Hedge Ordinance
Duplex/Multiple Family Rental Dwelling Ordinance
Abandonment of Right-of-Way Policy
Bed and Breakfast Ordinance
Zoning Map  - Digital
Zoning Map - Original
Future Land Use Zoning Map
Site Plan Reveiw Procedures
Sidewalk Use Regulations Policy
City Code of Ordinances
Subdivision Regulations - City Code of Ordinance
Mobile Homes and Trailers - City Code of Ordinance
Smoke Alarm Ordinance
Visitability Ordinance
Wireless Telecommunication Ordinance

Delta County Building and Zoning
Special Airport and Flight Path Requirements

Green Infrastructure Standards

Landscaping, Buffers and Screening
Approved, Prefered and Prohibited Tree and Strubs

Applications and Forms

Project / Development Flow Charts

Procedure for Zoning Variance for Land Use or Fence Permits Flow Chart
Sketch Plan Review - Approval Development Flow Chart (Administrative)
Site Plan Review - Approval Development Flow Chart (Planning Commission)
Zoning Amendment Process Flow Chart


Redevelopment Ready Community Certification Report
Consolidated Fee Schedule
2018-2019 Master Fee Schedule - Amended Version

Budget and Capital Improvement Plan
Residential Anti-displacement and Relocation Plan

Property Tax Information
Recreation Facilities Booklet

DEQ Notification of Intent to Renovate or Demolish

Matters of Procedure / Municipal Civil Infractions

City Council Rules of Procedure
Planning Commission Rules of Procedure
Board of Appeals Rules of Procedure
DDA Rules of Procedure
Historic District Committee Rules of Procedure
Planning Commission Attendance and Training
Municipal Civil Infraction Ordinance #1
Municipal Civil Infraction Ordinance #2
Municipal Civil Infraction Ordinance #3
Municipal Civil Infraction - Housing
Municipal Civil Infraction - Zoning

Orientation Packet for Planning Commission

Planning Commission Handbook
Rules of Procedure
Planning Code of Ordinances Ch. 21
Public Act 33 of 2008
Michigan Planning and Zoning Laws
Michigan Zoning Enabling Act, PA 110 of 2006
Community Development Code of Ordinances Ch. 9
Streets, Sidewalks and Other Public Places Code of Ordinance
Policy of Sale, Lease or Option of City Owned Land

Community Participation

2016 Public Participation Plan
Recruitment Letter for Open Boards / Commissions Seats
Application for Open Boards / Commissions Seat


Featured Redevelopment Sites and City Property for Sale

2019 RFQ - Waterfront/Old Jail Property
617-619-623 Ludington Street

811 Ludington Street
815 Ludington Street
907 Ludington Street
1401-1419 Ludington Street 

FOR SALE: Vacant Residential Lots for Sale by City
FOR SALE: Vacant Commercial / Industrial Lots for Sale by City
City Land Sale Policy

Marketing and Economic Development

2016 Community Marketing  and Branding Strategy
2016 Market Target Analysis - Delta County
Marketing Efforts and Economic Development Strategy

Downtown Vision

Community Reports

2017 Planning Commission Annual Report
2017 Downtown Development Authority Annual Report
City Council Minutes
Downtown Development Authority Minutes
Planning Commission Minutes
Historic District Minutes
Board of Appeals Minutes
Community Newsletters (Current and Past)

Proposed / Completed Downtown Projects

Completed Facade Projects - Before and After Pictures
Completed Facade Projects - 2016-2017
Proposed Escanaba Market Place Project
Facade Project Overview

2017-2018 Downtown Facade Projects

413 Ludington Street
909-911-915 Ludington Street
1213-1215 Ludington Street


How Are We Doing?

Pothole Reporting
Community Event Satisfaction Survey

Internal Public Participation Survey
Zoning Permit or Site Plan Review Survey

Customer Service Request
City of Escanaba - Employee Access