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Welcome! The City of Escanaba began its new automated garbage and recycling system late Fall 2007. This system is one of the most advanced garbage/recycling systems in the world. Each garbage customer received a 95 gallon wheeled garbage cart, and a 65 gallon recycle cart.

Once the cart is set out for collection, a special automated garbage collection vehicle, featuring advanced technology, will then come by, pick up the cart with a robotic arm, and empty the cart contents into the truck hopper. The robotic arm will then set the cart back in its original spot. The automated garbage collection truck runs at a lower RPM, which will result in less noise during collection and will be operated by highly trained and motivated professional drivers and support staff that are dedicated to providing dependable, efficient and courteous service.

The City of Escanaba is sure you will enjoy the benefits of this new, highly efficient collection system in that it is safe, clean and efficient. Not only will this system help make our City more beautiful, it will enhance a service that we all rely upon.


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Proposed Automated Collection CartCart Care And Usage

The automated collection system requires the use of specially designed carts. Regular garbage cans cannot be used with the new system. You will be issued one of the new automated collection carts. The standard cart is 95 gallons. If this cart is too large, accommodations can be made by calling the Department of Public Works at 786-1842



What To And Not To Dispose Of In The New Cart

Your cart is for the disposal of regular household garbage. Please seal food waste in plastic bags. Saw dust should also be sealed in plastic bags. Please do not use your cart for disposing of the following: branches and other yard trimmings, recyclables, hot ashes, motor oil, solvents, paints, pool chemicals, hazardous materials, flammable liquids and dead animals. If you have any questions about disposal of items, please call the Department of Public Works (786-1842), or the Delta County Landfill at 789-9995 or 786-9056, Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 3:00 p.m., Thursday, 8:00 am - 6:00 p.m., or Saturday, 8:00 am - Noon.


How to Move your Cart downhill.Using The CartHow to Move your Cart Uphill.

Before moving the cart, make sure the lid is closed. Grasp the handle and tilt the cart toward you. Push or pull the cart to roll it. On slopes, inclines or steps, handle the cart with care.




Proper cart placement.  Cart handle must face your home.Where To Park The Cart

Set your cart at your collection point by 7:30 a.m. on your collection days or no earlier than 7:00 p.m. the night before.

Placement of the cart is critical.
After your cart is dumped, it will be put back in its same place. Please do not place your cart in front of mailboxes or telephone poles. Carts that are not placed at the proper collection point will not be empted.

Regular household trash must be placed INSIDE the cart


All refuse must be placed inside your cart with the lid closed.
    • The arrow on the lid must point to the street.
    • The handle must face the house.
    • Place at least 4' from parked cars and at least 4' from objects (mailbox, fence, utility poles, bins or yard waste barrels and bags).
    • Do not place cart under low-hanging branches.

  • Please do not overload cart. The lid should always be kept closed to control odors and animals. This will also keep out rainwater. Garbage will not be taken if it is on top of, or beside the cart, or if it is in other containers.
    All refuse must be placed inside your cart with the lid closed.


    Clean your cart with
    soap and water.Cart Maintenance And Upkeep

    Never put food waste directly in your cart. Please bag and tightly seal garbage and food waste to reduce odors and insects. Keep the cart's lid closed to deter insects and animals. Please do not overload your cart. Periodically, wash your cart out with regular soap and water. Try to store your cart in a cool place away from direct sunlight and other exposures to heat. Keep items that decompose quickly in a cool place until collection day. If your cart needs to be replaced or repaired, please call Public Works at 786-1842.



    What happens if the cart is stolen?

    A police report must be filed with the City of Escanaba Public Safety Department in order to
    receive a replacement cart.  Phone 786-5911.

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